Product Description

Persulfates, like hydrogen peroxide and other peroxides, may be utilized as bleaching and oxidizing agents, as follows:

In the Synthetic Resins and Synthetic Fiber Industries:

  • Suitable catalysts for polymerization of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate, as well as acrylonitrile synthetic
  • Applicable under any polymerization conditions
  • Suitable for emulsion and suspension polymerization, homogeneous polymerization
  • Superior electric insulation as well as weather and heat resistance

Flour Milling:

  • Bleaching agent to better whiten and remove color from flour
  • Accelerator in the production of bread

Metal Finishing:

  • Polishing agent on metal alloys such as zinc, brass, cadmium, copper and steel

Textile Industry:

  • Effective desizing agent
  • Dechlorination agent for after-treatment of bleached textiles


  • Extremely high in quality
  • Hypo remover and a reducing agent

Analytical Chemistry:

  • Oxidizing agent in analytical chemistry