Fuel Cell

Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC)

Product Description

We are a consolidated solution provider for PEMFC.

The components that we offer for the PEMFC are:

1. Carbon Compound Bipolar Plate
2. Perfluorinated membrane
3. Gas Diffusion Layer
4. Silicone Sealing

Benefits of Each Component

1. Carbon Compound Bipolar Plate:
Low cost, high electric conductivity, thin plates available, ready for commercial production.
We have a large production capacity for commercial production.

2. Perflourinated Membrane:
Can be developed from a raw material base.

3. Gas Diffusion Layer:
Low cost, high performance.

4. Silicone sealing:
We are capable of developing new products to meet customer requirements. For example, we can change the hardness or modify the curing time of the silicone.