Cold SBR – Carbon Black Masterbatch

Product Description

DIAPOL S960 is a staining Cold SBR Carbon Black Masterbatch containing 100 parts of SBR-1502 base polymer which is prepared with mixed acid emulsifier, 60 parts of N220 black, 20 parts of highly aromatic oil and staining antiozonant stabilizer.

The main usage of DIAPOL S960 is as an application for producing various compounds requiring a high degree of tensile strength.

A typical example is high performance belt conveyors where DIAPOL S960 is blended with NR.

Product Specifications
Description Chemical
Test Recipe
Emulsifier Mixed Acid Volatile
Matter %
0.20 Cpd. Visc.
ML-4 @100°C
65.5 DIAPOL WMB S960 180.00 PHR.
Stabilizer Staining Antiozonant Ash % 0.09 Cure @145°C x 50 min. Zinc Oxide 3.00 PHR.
Coagulant Acid Organic
Acid %
3.63 Tensile Mpa 26.0 Sulfur 1.75 PHR.
Base Polymer SBR-1502 Soap % 0.08 Elongation % 480 TBBS 1.20 PHR.
Extender Oil Hi Ar 20 PHR. Bound
Styrene %
23.5 300% Modulus Stearic Acid 1.00 PHR.
Carbon Black N220M 60 PHR. Carbon
Black %
33.3 Mpa 14.1 TOTAL 186.95 PHR.