Cold SBR – Carbon Black Masterbatch

Product Description

DIAPOL S920 is a nonstaining Cold SBR Carbon Black Masterbatch containing 100 parts of SBR-1502 base polymer which is prepared with mixed acid emulsifier, 90 parts of N660 black, 20 parts of naphthenic oil and nonstaining antioxidant stabilizer.

DIAPOL S920 is widely applicable to extruding and molding products due to high loading of N660.

This black Masterbatch is especially recommended for weatherstrip, hose, motor mounts and general mechanical goods. Also DIAPOL S920 is readily blended with other clear polymers such as NR, SBR, CR, EPDM etc., without the use of additional carbon black.

Product Specifications
Description Chemical
Test Recipe
Emulsifier Mixed Acid Volatile
Matter %
0.2 Cpd. Visc.
ML-4 @100°C
61 DIAPOL S920 210.00 PHR.
Stabilizer Nonstaining Antioxidant Ash % 0.1 Cure @145°C x 35 min. Zinc Oxide 3.00 PHR.
Coagulant Acid Organic
Acid %
3.2 Tensile Mpa 16.4 Sulfur 1.75 PHR.
Base Polymer SBR-1502 Soap % 0.1 Elongation % 430 TBBS 1.75 PHR.
Extender Oil NAPH 20 PHR. Bound
Styrene %
23.5 300% Modulus Stearic Acid 1.50 PHR.
Carbon Black N660 90 PHR. Carbon
Black %
42.5 Mpa 9.6 TOTAL 218.00 PHR.