Cold SBR – Carbon Black Masterbatch

Product Description

DIAPOL S900 is a nonstaining Cold SBR Carbon Black Masterbatch containing 100 parts of SBR-1502 base polymer which is prepared with mixed acid emulsifier, 52 parts of N330 black, 10 parts of naphthenic oil and nonstaining antioxidant stabilizer.

DIAPOL S900 is a general-purpose black Masterbatch for non-tire fields, and is especially recommended for conveyor belting, hose, gasket and weatherstrip, etc.

Product Specifications
Description Chemical
Test Recipe
Emulsifier Mixed Acid Volatile
Matter %
0.3 Cpd. Visc. ML-4 @100°C 56 DIAPOL S903 162.00 PHR.
Stabilizer Nonstaining Antioxidant Ash % 0.1 Cure @145°C x 35 min. Zinc Oxide 3.00 PHR.
Coagulant Acid Organic
Acid %
3.8 Tensile Mpa 25.2 Sulfur 1.75 PHR.
Base Polymer SBR-1502 Soap % 0.1 Elongation % 410 TBBS 1.75 PHR.
Extender Oil NAPH 10 PHR. Bound Styrene % 23.5 300% Modulus Stearic Acid 1.50 PHR.
Carbon Black N330 52 PHR. Carbon
Black %
32.0 Mpa 18.5 TOTAL 170.00 PHR.