About Us

Mitsubishi International PoylmerTrade Corporation’s (MIP) business activities bring together a number of the company’s strengths on behalf of our customers worldwide. MIP selectively partners with stakeholders at all stages of development including start-up and technology ventures, growth & expansion firms, and larger more established companies. We create value and new, sustainable businesses by leveraging our industry experience, market knowledge and our global network.

MIP has an abiding commitment to environmental stewardship, which informs both day-to-day business decisions and more strategic thinking about chemical products and markets.

Specialty Chemicals
MIP is engaged in a wide range of Specialty Chemicals businesses across diverse products, industries and markets. MIP is seeking to respond better to changes in customer needs and thus respond to the globalization of demand by strengthening marketing functionality utilizing the global network of the entire Mitsubishi Corporation Gen group.

As an integral part of Mitsubishi Corporation’s global network, MIP provides raw material procurement, sales channel development, project coordination, and investment opportunities for our customers and business partners. We offer a wide range of industrial and commodity resins for use in automotive, medical, food, drug, lighting and other applications.

Mitsubishi International PolymerTrade Corporation
MIP offers high-value-added services in a broad range of specialty chemicals, PVC and plastics. MIP’s primary businesses are related to marketing, global trading, finance, distribution, procurement, technology transfer, product sourcing, and supply chain management.