Decorative Film

Formable Plastic Film

Product Description

A mirror surface film for insertion molding and for heat molding to which complex processes are applied using LCS (Laminate Calendar System) technology, which represents original technology in mirror surface processing. This pre-colored film provides a mirror-finished molding with a luxury appearance, eliminating the need for mirror-finishing by color coating after molding.

  • Excellent UV Ray resistant and scratch resistant.
  • There is no change in the glossiness after molding, because of an excellent feature of the heat resistant mirror surface that results in maintaining a high grade and a fresh, neat impression.
  • High formability.
  • Adhesion of resin film in the lowest layer to the injection molding resin is excellent.
Properties Unit Typical Value Testing Method
Tensile Strength N cm2 TD 4700
MD 4500
Tensile Elongation % TD 10
MD 13
Heating Shrinkage
(100°C x 1hour)
% TD-4
MD 0.1
Impact Resistant   10¤10 DuPont style impact H:10cm, Weight:300g
Pencil Hardness   HB JIS K 5400
Chemical Resistance
Bulla Pass
Cattle Fat
No change
No change
No change
No change
No change

1¤10 N Sodium hydroxide 55°C x
4 hours
1¤10 N Sulfuric acid 20°C x
24 hours
Room temperature x 24 hours
Room temperature x 24 hours
Heat Resistance   No change 80°C x 400 hours
Humidity Resistance   No change 50°C x 95% RH x 250 hours
Heating and Cooling Cycle Test   No change -30°C 80°C 50°C x 95% RH
Weather Resistance   No change Black panel ; 83°C x 800 hours
Product Standards
  Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Roll (m) Uses
Standard Specs 0.35 1040 50 Insert-injection molding
Basic Specs 0.2-0.5 1040 50~100 Insert-injection molding
0.6~2.0 1040    

Handling Information

Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity. Please keep film in a cool and dark place.

A) If film is left unsealed for a long time, the quality may change drastically as a result of moisture absorption. Please make sure to seal tightly when storing the film.

B) A protective film is attached to prevent damage and dust from harming film.
C) Please notice that quality of film may change drastically if this product is immersed in a solvent.