Acryloyl Morpholine

Product Description

Acryloyl Morpholine (ACMO) has been used for UV and EB curable resins (primarily inks and coatings) in Japan for 10 years. It has been found that ACMO displays similar properties as other reactive diluent monomers, such as N-vinyl purrolidone (NVP), but exceeds them in performance and safety.

ACMO's characteristics as a reactive diluent monomer for UV, EB curable resins are:

  • ACMO has a good compatibility with oligomers, multi-functional acrylates, and resin components.
  • ACMO has a quicker hardening speed in the polymerization process than Isobornyl Acrylate and Phenoxyethyl Acrylate.
  • Low viscosity and low vapor pressure.
  • Low primary skin irritation index (PII=0.5).
  • UV, EB curable resins made with ACMO have a low hygroscopicity and good resistance to alkali, acids, and solvents.
  • ACMO has good retention and elongation stability.
  • Lower odor and color contribution than other diluent monomers.
  • ACMO has a nitrogen radical, which prevents generation of ozone inhibiting polymerization.
  • ACMO can keep good dimensional stability of UV, EB curable resins.
Item Specifics
Appearance Clear and colorless liquid
Specific Gravity 1.122
Viscosity 12 c.p.s at 25°C
Hygroscopicity 1.8g/100g at 20°C, 60%RH
Solubilities Water, organic solvents